Modeling Clay Workshop for Refugee Children

Engage with our creative charity initiative in Ukraine's major cities, where refugee children mold clay figurines that capture their emotions and dreams.

Wellness For Aid
Modeling Clay Workshop for Refugee Children (photo)

About Project

The “Modeling Clay Workshop” initiative is a creative and charitable project that engages refugee children in crafting clay figurines, providing them an outlet to express their feelings and creativity during tough times. These figurines are then sold to donors, with the proceeds used to support the children and their families. We are actively searching for workshops in Kyiv, Dnipro, and regions of Western Ukraine, setting up event dates, and sending out invitations.

Our team is reaching out to centers for internally displaced persons to involve children in the project, and we are finding media partners in Western Europe to raise awareness about the initiative.

Fundraised money would go to buy tactical medicine: GoFundMe