Fundraising for tactical medicine

Join our mission to arm Ukrainian medics with crucial supplies - as they save lives in the heat of conflict.  Your support can make the difference in the fight for life amidst the echoes of battle.

Medical Fundraising
Goal: €3,500
Fundraising for tactical medicine (photo)

About Project

In these challenging times, Ukrainian medical professionals are working tirelessly to save lives, often facing a shortage of critical medical supplies. The medical workers we are fundraising for, are focusing on stabilization and evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from the combat zones and providing first aid to anyone in need.

Our mission will be to provide them with the essential tools they need to continue their life-saving work, such as occlusive stickers, hemostatic tamponades, and nasopharyngeal tubes.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact, show our appreciation for the brave workers and bring Ukraine one step closer to victory against the russian invasion. Remember, that even the smallest donation helps. Fundraisers get successful from people donating 1, 5, 10, 20 EUR because each donation matters.

Our ambitious goal is to raise €3,500. After that, the Lotus Foundation will purchase the needed supplies and send them to the medical workers in war zone-affected regions. After the fundraiser is completed, we will be able to share the receipts and purchased medical supplies to ensure transparency.

We deeply appreciate your generosity and commitment. We thank you for your support and contribution. Remember, we are stronger together!