Yoga studios: Healing Through Helping

Participate in a special yoga class to raise funds for Ukrainian medics. Our €3,500 goal will help supply essential medical items for emergency care in conflict zones. Join us in this serene effort for a vital cause.

Wellness For Aid
Yoga studios: Healing Through Helping (photo)

About Project

The project aims to organize a special fundraising yoga class, with all proceeds going towards the purchase of critical medical supplies for Ukrainian medical professionals. These supplies include occlusive stickers, hemostatic tamponades, and nasopharyngeal tubes, which are vital for the stabilization, evacuation, and provision of first aid to Ukrainian citizens from combat zones.

Financial Goal

The target is to raise €3,500, which will directly fund the purchase of the aforementioned medical supplies. Transparency is a key value, and receipts of the purchases will be made available to all contributors.

Fundraised money would go to buy tactical medicine: GoFundMe Link

Event Details:

Date and Time: To be determined in collaboration with the hosting studio to ensure convenience for both the studio and its members.

Instructor: The class may be led by one of the studio's experienced instructors, or alternatively, a guest instructor can be invited to enrich the experience.

Donation: A suggested donation amount will be established for class participation, with the option for attendees to contribute additional funds if they wish.

Promotion: The Lotus Foundation offers its full support in organizing and promoting the event, including the creation of promotional materials and social media posts to ensure a successful turnout.