Startups Workshop

A workshop tailored for seed and pre-seed startup founders, with speakers from leading accelerators, aiming to fundraise for medical professionals in Ukraine.

Educational Fundraisers
Startups workshop (photo)

About Project

"Startup Workshop" stands out as a unique blend of educational and philanthropic efforts, tailored for seed and pre-seed startup founders. The event is not only a learning platform but also a fundraiser to aid medical professionals in Ukraine. With speakers from leading accelerators such as Startup Wise Guys and Y Combinator, the workshop is poised to offer a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities.

Here's what participants can look forward to:

Introduction: Setting the stage with an overview of the workshop's agenda and an introduction to the esteemed speakers.

Main Content: Insightful sessions led by industry experts, focusing on imparting essential knowledge and actionable tips relevant to the theme of the workshop. Interactive Q&A segments will follow, allowing for a deeper exploration of the topics discussed.

Case Studies: A dynamic and interactive segment where attendees will tackle real-world challenges faced by startups. This hands-on approach is designed to enhance practical problem-solving skills, with expert feedback shedding light on real business outcomes.

Participants will not only leave with new knowledge but also stand a chance to win valuable prizes that can significantly benefit their startup ventures. These prizes include:

AWS Credits: A chance to win $5,000 in AWS credits, which can be a game-changer for tech startups looking to scale their infrastructure.

Event Tickets: An opportunity to secure a startup ticket to Startup Day in Tartu, offering further networking and learning opportunities.

Media Coverage: Lotus Foundation will include the startup`s logo and website in their social media.

Target Outcome

The workshop promises a comprehensive experience, from practical learning and case studies to networking with mentors and winning prizes that support startup growth. Additionally, the event will highlight the impact of charitable contributions, ensuring that participants are part of a larger effort to support a vital cause.