PoW Telegram bot

A dedicated Telegram bot designed to track down missing Ukrainian soldiers using crowd-sourced data.

Tech For Good Initiatives
PoW search bot (photo)

About Project

We have developed a Telegram bot that helps in the search for missing Ukrainian soldiers who may have been captured. To increase the chances of a successful search, we need as much information as possible. Useful details include:

- Full name
- Surname
- Patronymic (middle name)
- Date of birth
- Military ID number (this is the best way to identify)
- City of birth
- Last known location
- Year of disappearance

After entering this information, our bot analyzes Russian Telegram channels and looks for matches in text and document photos, lists, etc. We already have certain Telegram channels in our database that the bot automatically analyzes, but you can also add additional channels and groups for more effective searching.

Any search results containing matches will be sent to you in the chat for further review.